Jeppesen Sanderson Garmin GPS MAP 496 Computer Training

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Recommended by Garmin, the Jeppesen training program for the GPSMAP 496 allows you to learn at your own pace, while practicing procedures with the comfort and safety of using a computer, rather than flying heads-down.

The program incorporates the award-winning Jeppesen training that easily and quickly gets users familiar with GPSMAP 496 operations by using a visual, hands-on approach. Now with higher fidelity simulation and automatic help prompts, the Jeppesen Garmin GPSMAP 496 Training lets pilots quickly get the most from their hardware investment.

Key Features include

  • Scenario-Based, Guided Simulation
  • Hands-On Interactive Learning
  • Over 35 Topics Taught
  • Realistic GPSMAP 496 Emulator
  • Detailed, Narrated Demonstration Movies
  • On-Screen Learner Feedback
  • Includes Pilot's Guides

The Jeppesen training program for the 496 uses a multi-step method to teach procedures that really works!

Here's how

  • The Demo mode plays an animated, narrated ''movie'' to illustrate the selected topic, using a scenario. Controls are provided to pause, play, rewind or jump to any step of the movie. 
  • The Training mode prompts you through the same scenario and task, shown in the Demo mode, supported with on-screen text prompts to guide you through the correct actions.
  • A feedback system alerts you of any incorrect actions and a help-system is available.