Jeppesen Sanderson Garmin GPS MAP 196 Computer Training

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Jeppesen Garmin GPSMAP 196 Training is an advanced, self-paced digital learning program that provides information on almost all operational aspects of the Garmin GPSMAP 196.

It utilizes a two-step process that helps users learn procedures in a linear, scenario-based fashion. With extensive narrated, animated sequences that use actual GPSMAP 196 screen imagery, and a realistic emulator, it promotes hands-on, visual learning of over thirty five topics. On-screen help prompts and a live feedback system are also built-in to enhance the learning process.

The Jeppesen Garmin GPSMAP 196 Training has over 35 topics
to help you leverage the power of your GPSmap 196.


  • Keypad Usage
  • Operating Modes
  • Main Pages
  • Basemap Information
  • NRST/FIND Functions
  • Data Entry


  • Weight & Balance
  • Direct-To Navigation
  • Creating & Usings Routes
  • User-Created Waypoints


  • Modifying a Route
  • Automotive Routing
  • Airspace Alarms

En Route

  • Airspace Information
  • Nearest Information
  • Current Route Options
  • Scrolling
  • Trip Information
  • E6B
  • VNAV


  • Selecting Approaches
  • Approach Options
  • Extended Runway Centerlines
  • Using Flightbook

Quick Tips

  • Switching Modes
  • Map Decluttering
  • Map Panning
  • Marking Present Position
  • Direct To Options
  • Aircraft Profiles
  • Deactivate Routes
  • Inverting Routes
  • Screen Backlighting/Contrast
  • Changing Formats