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The VFR & Core IFR Procedures program not only teaches the basics, it provides comprehensive training on almost all operational aspects of your GPS, including IFR Procedures.

A great refresher tool for recurrent training and helps minimize the highly perishable skills syndrome that occurs from infrequent use of your Garmin navigator. It is the safe way to discover and understand your GNS 530 & 430, compared to heads down in cockpit training.

  • Over 40 topics taught by category, including:
  • Start-Up Screen Layout, Pages, Groups & Selection, Page Options.
  • Pre-Takeoff Airport Information, Auto-Tuning, Creating User Waypoints & Flight Plans
  • Departure Modifying Flight Plans, Airspace Information, Departure Procedures.
  • Enroute Activating Legs, OBS Mode, Nearest & VNAV Information.
  • Arrival STAR's, GPS/Vectors/ILS/DME/Procedure Turn and Missed Approaches.

Developed with input from Garmin, the FAA and top CFI's the Jeppesen Garmin GNS 530/430 Training VFR & Core IFR Procedures is the best training option to maintain your familiarity with GNS operational knowledge and to help you increase your operational efficiency and competency, with important procedures, during critical phases of flight.