Helicopter Helmet / Headset Amplified Cell Phone Adapter

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Super clear safety enhancing cell phone communications through your Headset.

Amplified Cell Phone Adapter for Helicopters allows use of cell phone, iPod or recorder with helicopter single plug headset (Battery powered) Great for filing a flight plan, checking weather, calling for fuel, getting a clearance at an uncontrolled field, calling a taxi, voiding a flight plan, closing a VFR flight plan etc etc.


The Amplified Cell Phone Adapter has a built in amplifier to boost your cell phone conversations. You can also play a CD, MP3 or iPod player through the unit and hear the music in true stereo sound.

The Amplified Cell Phone Adapter is powered with one 9 Volt battery and comes complete with cell phone connection cord and music connection cord.

Simply plug the single helicopter plug from the adapter into your helicopter radio, then plug your helicopter headset into the Amplified Cell Phone Adapter unit. Connect your phone, iPod etc to the supplied cord.

Please Note:

In the USA, FAA rules state you may not use a cell phone on any aircraft during flight.
You may use a cell phone while the aircraft is on the ground.
For more information, please see  Advisory Circular: 91.21-1.