9G Plus Pilots Kneeboard with Clear Chart Strap

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Wings 9G Plus Pilots Kneeboard is the perfect Kneeboard for use in the confined space of a helicopter.
Comes with a Clear Map Strap that secures your Nav Charts for doors off flight.

If you've got limited space in your cockpit and you're looking for a minimalist yet stylish Flight Knee Board, the 9G Plus Pilots Kneeboard is the one for you. Made in the USA.

This low profile board has been tested to 9.5 G's and stayed in place.

  • 9G Plus consists of a main compartment where the sturdy clipboard is and two 1/2 sized sides. 
  • The main plastic pocket is 6"x5".
  • The clipboard pocket is 7.5"x5"
  • On each side of the plastic is removable document loops.
  • Each side measures 3" long at it's widest.  It's 9" tall. 
  • For Doors Off Flying, the 9G kneeboards include our 9G Strap.  A strap made of clear plastic, Velcro and elastic that clips onto one side of your kneeboard (usually your buckle or near there) and stretches across the kneeboard and Velcros onto the other side. This holds any papers attached to your clipboard down (from blowing in the wind etc).
  • Outside has your attached adjustable legstrap with plastic buckle.
  • Made of Cordura fabric that is water and mold resistant, fire resistant and extra durable.
  • Double stitched edges for added durability.



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