METAR and TAFF Quick Reference Manual

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Every pilot will become an instant weather expert when using the
METAR & TAF Quick Reference Manual.


All pilots can now become an instant expert when reading weather formats with this all in one METAR TAFF resource guide.

With abundant examples, this authoritative manual quickly guides all pilots to a complete understanding of all they need to know about sometimes perplexing METAR and TAFs.
Over 250 alphabetized METAR and TAF terms can be readily located to discover their meaning and associated page references lead to more in-depth information.

Also, a comprehensive glossary and a full listing of over 240 NOTAM contractions will make every pilots weather check an easy and painless experience.

This essential guide defines over 250 METAR and TAF terms in a convenient dictionary-like format, providing all pilots with an instant understanding of this often-times puzzling weather language.

Associated page references point toward more in-depth information, as well. A comprehensive glossary further aids aviators in developing an extensive knowledge base of all METAR and TAF terms.

With an abundance of examples, the mystery of these sometimes perplexing reports and forecasts is effortlessly solved. Within a minute of opening the METAR & TAF Quick Reference Manual for the first time, pilots will easily move through weather reports and forecasts with a new found understanding of this complex terminology.

An added plus is the handy listing of over 240 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) contractions, totally completing every pilot's preflight weather check, making it a swift and effortless experience.


An essential book for student pilots, experienced pilots and flight instructors.

Soft Cover 65 Pages.