Learning to Fly Helicopters Second Edition

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An introduction to helicopter flying techniques, many of which are difficult to master, as well as a discussion of emergency procedure, human factors, advanced operations and even a section on careers.

2nd Edition.

Extensively revised to cover the latest industry advances, Learning to Fly Helicopters, Second Edition, provides details on the technical and practical aspects of rotarywing flight, guiding you from preflight preparation through postflight procedures and everything in between. Written in a conversational style, the book demystifies the art and science of helicopter flying. Real world advice from the author and other pilots is included throughout.

This copiously illustrated, up to date edition features new information on glass cockpits, turbine engines, IFR flying, the latest FAA test standards for a private helicopter pilot certificate, emergency and safety procedures, how to choose a flight school, career opportunities, and more. Become a private or professional helicopter pilot with help from this trusted resource!

Learning to Fly Helicopters, Second Edition, covers:

    Five myths about helicopters
    Basic aerodynamics
    Flight controls
    Your first flight
    Basic flight maneuvers
    Learning to hover
    Advanced maneuvers with new material on hoisting, sling loads, and offshore operations
    Hazards of low level flying
    Flight training tips civil and military
    Aircraft systems with new information on glass cockpits and turbine engines
    Private pilot practical test standards for helicopter pilots
    The Ten Commandments for helicopter pilots
    Weight and balance, passenger briefings, and hand signals
    Employment opportunities
    Human factors and safety
    A flight to remember lessons learned from the author's most stressful flight
    Born again copilots when experienced captains fly the left seat
    Resources for helicopter pilots
    Data on and photos of common civil helicopters
    There but for the grace of God real hangar stories as told by real pilots


Softcover 545 Pages.