Fix Wing to Computer Flight Simulator USB Adapter

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General Aviation Headset to USB Plug Adapter

The GA2USB adapter is a simple plug and play device that has a jack to
receive standard dual GA plugs (PJ-055, PJ-068), a small in line box with
some electronics that convert the GA headset to USB signals and a 6 foot
cable with a USB type A plug for use with any computer, laptop or simulator
that accepts USB headsets.

No special software is needed. This device operates using standard drivers that are already installed in Windows and Mac systems. Additionally, this device is powered via the USB connection.
There is no battery, no on/off switch or external plug for power needed.
Simply plug your helicopter headset into the jack and the USB plug into the
USB port on your computer.

Finally an Adapter that does NOT require external Batteries.
BIG $avings!