FliteLite Replacement Energizer 389 batteries 3 x Pack

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Quantity x 3 Replacement Energizer 389 battery

Note: FLITELite Finger Light Pro and Microlights come WITH batteries installed/included.  This product is a set of three replacement or extra batteries.

FLITELite recommends the Energizer 389 battery for Finger Light Pro and Microlight Lip Lights.  The 389 is designed for both low and high draw uses - this means it works well in standby mode, and provides great performance when the light demands power.

All batteries of the same size are not the same quality.  Leakage can destroy your light.  Low battery density means the money you save on a cheap battery just means more changes required. 

Each of our lights requires 3 batteries.  This is product pack of 3 Batteries.


Chemical System: SILVER OXIDE
Designation: Silver Oxide (Zn/Ag2O) ANSI-1138SO, IEC-SR54
Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts
Typical Capacity: 85 mAh* (to 1.2 volts)
Capacity Test: 10K ohm continuous drain at 21°C
Typical Weight: 1.34 grams
Typical Volume: 0.32 cubic centimeters
Impedance (40 Hz): 5 to 7 ohms