Armor Wipes

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Use ARMOR WIPES to remove bacteria, smudges, dust, and other dirt from:

  • Avionics
  • GPS
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Glasses and more.


Leaves screens streak free and dust free without damaging the surface.

For pilots who fly aircraft that other pilots have flown before use Armor Wipes to wipe down the flight deck to prevent spreading of germs and other bacteria. Reduce the chances of getting sick.

Product comes in a box of 25 individually wrapped wipes.

THE PRODUCT: An ultra soft pre-moistened spunlaced non-woven fabric cloth. ARMOR WIPES are lint free and chemically pure. Products are packaged in individually sealed pouches for convenience.

THE PURPOSE: Formulated for instant cleaning of electrostatic flight-deck dust and dirt from device screens as well as optical and electronic instrumentation surfaces in aircrafts.

THE FORMULATION: Advanced cleaning formula easily removes lint, dirt, electrostatic dust, fingerprints, and other common grime while safely cleaning without scratching. Armor Wipes are intended for those displays that are not affected by the ingredients in our Armor Wipes.

Contains no household cleaners, abrasives, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

* Not to be used on Macbooks.