Pro Flight Trainer 4th Generation PUMA RTF Packaging (Ready to Fly) with FREE DVD Ground School and Toe Brake Option

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For a LIMITED TIME we will add a FREE Helicopter Ground School DVD with each PUMA ordered ... more details


Pro Flight Trainer 4th Generation PUMA RTF Packaging (Ready to fly)

The 4th generation of Pro Flight Trainer Simulator Helicopter Flight Controls offers almost unlimited adjustments, a new zone switch that offers close to limitless button options and 3 separate Chinese-Hat assignments, Potentiometer's many other exciting upgrades.

Ready to Fly Packaging ships with the controls 99% assembled, in a much bigger box which explains the higher price. You should have absolutely no difficulties assembling our PAS version, but if you want to fly within 5 minutes, get our RTF offer, and be ready to fly within a couple minutes after receiving your controls.

included in this package:

- Pro Flight Trainer PUMA Full Control Set

  • USB HID Plug & Play seamless installation
  • Twist Grip Throttle Collective 
  • Push-Pull Pedal design
  • Curved Cyclic with High Quality B8 Style Grip
  • Adjustable Collective Arm Design
  • Long USB Cable
  • Adjustable Cyclic Height
  • Adjustable Pedal Length and anti-slide chair proximity
  • Adjustable Collective Arm in Sideways, Height, and Resting Angle



Toe Brake Option

  • Toe Break feature enables you to use Braking to stop wheeled aircraft movement on taxi-ways and runways
  • Independent left and right spring loaded Toe Brakes
  • Variable brake signal (not just on/off operation)
  • Compatible with all Puma units (FOX Units are not supported)
  • Plug & Play as with any Pro Flight Trainer products
  • Custom down-loadable .joy file for easy XPlane 11 setup


  • Designed and tested for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and X-Plane Software
  • Single USB Connection to your PC or MAC Computer
  • Pull up a regular Chair, Calibrate your Flight Controls with your Computer, and you are ready to fly

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