Pilot USA PA-1166M Passive Military/Civilian Dual Impedance Headset

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Pilot USA PA-1166M Passive Military and Civilian Dual Impedance Headset.

Uniquely designed, this dual purpose headset can be used with both high and low impedance. This Headset is fitted with a High/Low impedance guarded toggle switch which allows the user to select the mode their headset will be used in: military (low impedance) or general aviation (high impedance). A washable pillow top head pad along with silicone gel ear seals, gives you the comfort you’ve been looking for. This unit reduces fatigue and improves communication on long military missions. This headset comes with cloth ear seal covers and a soft padded headset case.

The headset is compatible with Military Fix-Wing and Helicopter aircraft and the AIC-18 interphone.

  • Passive NRR  25dB
  • Microphone Type  Dynamic Noise Canceling (Amplified)
  • Speaker Impedance  300 ohm
  • Cord Type  Coiled
  • Plug Type  TP-120 (U-174/U)
  • Boom Type  Half Metal / Half Flex
  • Color  Grey
  • Product Weight  15.9 ounces (451 grams)
  • Shipping Weight  3.00
  • Warranty  3 Years
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