Pilot USA PA-2170BLU/H Passive Helicopter Headset with Bluetooth

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This Passive Helicopter Headset with Bluetooth is the Lightest and Quietest in the World!


This passive non-clamping, lightweight, superior noise attenuating headset will exceed your lofty expectations. This model has the same high end features as our ANR headsets such as sheepskin head pad and silicone gel ear seals. The headset is also equipped with Pilot BluLink, a Bluetooth cell phone and music adapter allowing the user to pair up with their cell phone and music devices.

This headset comes with a padded headset bag and is a premium Helicopter headset at an exceptional price.

Passive headsets cancel sound by blocking sound waves. Sound can be blocked by 3 methods: Barriers, Absorption Material, and Damping Methods. In our aviation headsets, we use the ear cup as walls to enclose the ear and act as an acoustical reflector. The ear cups act as a barrier against the path of noise and eliminates energy of the noise wave. The hard barriers target high frequency noise. We also use different types of acoustical foams to absorb the sound waves and eliminate more energy from the sound waves.

Vibration isolators which include spring steel equipment mounts, plastic and rubber based bushings and grommets all contribute to noise canceling by damping the noise. These vibration isolators absorb noise coming in through the headband and ear cup stirrups and also noise waves that are bombarding the ear cups.


  • Passive NRR  26db
  • Microphone Type  Noise Canceling Electret (Amplified)
  • Speaker Impedance  300 ohm
  • Cord Type  Coiled with Inline BluLink Adapter
  • Plug Type  TP-120 (U-174/U)
  • Boom Type  DNC/XL Style
  • Color  Grey
  • Product Weight  12.4 ounces (352 grams)
  • Shipping Weight  3.00
  • Warranty  5 Years