Seitz ML19 Lip Mike Lite

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ML 19 Mike Lite with 1 Infrared LED and 2 White LED's.

MIKE LITE: (White & IR light)

  • One Infrared LED and Two NVG compatible White LEDs
  • Switch from IR to White at the battery pack
  • Use White for NVG compatible light
  • Use IR to enhance ambient light with NVGs
  • IR light shines over 150 feet
  • Because LEDs do not produce heat they are invisible to FLIR systems
  • They also work well with Gen III goggles
  • For use where dark adaptation is not necessary and where a bright, white light is desired
  • LED average output is 1.2 Fc at 18''
  • LEDs last indefinitel
  • Uses 2 ea. AA batteries (not included)