Loss of Main Rotor Control Helicopter Accidents

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Loss of Main Rotor Control Helicopter Accidents.

Special investigation of accidents involving loss of main rotor control in the R-22 was prompted, in part by a fatal accident that occurred during an instructional flight near Richmond, California.
The flight instructor had 2,000 hours in the R-22, and the student had 4 hours. The helicopter was being operated at normal rotor RPM, within the approved flight envelope.



  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The R22 Design
  • General Description
  • Flight Control System
  • Main Rotor System
  • Flight Control Responsiveness
  • Original Certification
  • Recent Robinson Helicopter Company Design Changes
  • Accident Data and Accident Investigation Revew
  • Characteristics of Accidents Involving Loss of Main Rotor Control
  • Accident Investigation Review
  • Faa Oversight
  • Certification Reviews
  • Recent FAA Actions
  • Flight Testing of the R22 and R44
  • Summary Discussion
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Summary Reports of R22 Loss of Main Rotor Control Accidents
  • Summary Reports of R44 Loss of Main Rotor Control Accidents
  • Main Rotor Hub Teeter Angle and RPM Decay Survey
  • Applicable Safety Recommendations and Related Correspondence


Soft Cover 116 Pages.