Seitz ML8 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz Scientific
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ML8 MIKE LITE NVG Green mike lip light.


ML 8 MIKE LITE NVG Green light. The standard issue military Mike Lite.

  • Compatible with all night vision goggles and devices.
  • Preserves dark adaptation. Uses 2 ea. AA batteries (not included)
  • Can be used on the standard M-87 or the M-162 Tempest microphone, or other like microphones, on a helmet or headset.
  • A generation -3- product using 3 ea. LEDs for brightness.
  • Has a Push ON - Push OFF switch that can be actuated by the lip or tongue.
  • A slight push on the switch causes momentary light, while a further push keeps the light on until another push turns the light off.

The Mike Lite Lip Lite is a light that mounts to the microphone on your helicopter helmet or headset.
It is independent of the microphone and is fully adjustable.
It will not interfere with the proper function or noise attenuating properties of the microphone.
The Lip Switch is momentary on, push on, push off and is activated with you lip or tongue leaving both hands free to operate your aircraft.
The Mike Lite provides the perfect amount of light without side scatter to illuminate
cockpit instruments, maps, Kneeboards, circuit breakers or approach plates.
The Mike Lite has a full one year replacement guarantee.


  • This is the only Mike Lite authorized for use by the U.S. Army.   
  • NSN: 6240-01-362-4902.