Single Pilot CRM

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For both Fix Wing and Helicopter pilots. The material is based on the author's Single Pilot CRM courses, with lots more thrown in.

... ''I have nothing but praise. It really is a timely piece of work. I’'ve been through the United Airlines CRM program, and a couple of corporate programs. None of them are geared towards the single pilot environment, and I’ve always been suspicious that the single pilot environment is a lot bigger than the multi-pilot environment. I really like the phrase 'Company Resource Management' that you suggest. It’s a whole lot more appropriate for what we do in the helicopter world."

M Fergione

... '' read the CRM single pilot in the last couple of days. Quite Good...especially the Physiological part is very good, even for basic health.''

... ''I must say this, that anyone planning to be a pilot should read the CRM first, before even taking lessons, as well as the Operational Flying handbook. I have interviewed a lot of flight schools, and many I would not attend. I wanted to get the full understanding of what it is all about before I started taking any lessons, and some basic knowledge so I could help choose a school.''

D. Phillips


Soft Cover 132 Pages.