FliteLite FG-N NVIS White Filtered 3mm LED Finger Light

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White FG-N NVIS Filtered 3mm LED Pilots Fingerlight.

NVIS White Finger Light - This is the NVIS compatible version of our economical fingerlight.  

The light has a 3mm white LED specifically selected to match with our laser cut NVIS filter material. The reduction in size to 3mm, recesses the light inside the body of the light. This means less lateral visibility, ideal to reduce canopy glare and increase light discipline. It was developed to accommodate the F-22, and was tested with several rotorcraft types.


  • Attaches to your flight glove with Velcro One-Wrap, and has an integrated, battery saving 10 minute auto off.
  • Simply touch the button and light will shine wherever the pilot points.
  • Perfect for complicated lower panels, radio tuning, and searching for circuit breakers.

The light is also sealed with epoxy. While we do not advertise water resistance in this light, many have made it through the washing machine in a flightsuit.