The Private Pilots Little Book of Helicopter Safety

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The Private Pilots Little Book of Helicopter Safety by Dr. David J. Smith.

Pilot training is largely about safety and accident prevention. This unique book summarizes helicopter incident/accident/fatality statistics for 14 years of Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter flying in the UK and relates this to the key areas of training. It explains the types of human error as related to types of accident.

It covers passenger safety and provides a briefing checklist. Equipment reliability is covered, as well as an assessment of safety proposals (eg tank dipping, ELTs, floats). The author has spent over 30 years in safety and reliability and is author of the two standard text books on the subject. He is also a private helicopter pilot.

Find out about: The rate and relative proportion of all accident types and causes; How pilot-related incidents increase up to a certain number of hours flying experience but decrease thereafter; How weather dominates fatal accidents;

How roll over and heavy landings dominate incidents.

Learn tips to make YOU safer:

Weather; Handling; Autos; Duals; Private areas; Checks; Vortex ring; Tail
rotors; Icing; Avoid curve; Fuel; Health; Weight & balance etc.

Read about: Fuel gauge & instrument reliability; Cost versus EASA & other safety proposals.


Soft Cover 46 Pages.