JAA/EASA Private Pilots License Questions & Answers

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Phil Crouchers Private Pilots License Questions & Answers.

This book contains questions for the JAA / EASA Private Pilot's License, but it could be valid for almost any country, making due allowance for air law, meteorology and various maps, which have been chosen to be as neutral as possible.




There is a trend to get a sneak peek of the questions, and this is what many publications seek to achieve. This one doesn't!

The questions inside follow the same style as those found in the PPL exams, but they are not the exact ones you will find in them. This is because, as a pilot, you are meant to think for yourself! In this respect, this book is very well suited for those people intending to take their flying forward to a professional career. In any case, the jump between Private and Commercial Pilot should only be a small one, except for subjects such as turbine engines which are not in the PPL syllabus anyway.


Soft Cover, 196 Pages.