Seitz ML23 Pilots Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML23 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz Scientific
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Seitz ML23 Lip Mike Lite.

Bright NVIS Green A and NVIS White Filtered.


2ea. Bright NVIS Green A LEDs, 1ea. NVIS White LED

We recommend using the minimum light necessary. For some of us that requires more light than for others. This light produces the same NVIS Green A light as the ML-22, but is brighter. Change from NVIS White to NVIS Green A by a switch on the battery pack. The NVIS Green A LEDs are compatible with all night vision goggles and devices, and preserve dark adaptation. The NVIS White LED is also compatible with all night vision goggles and devices, and allows you to see colors. A generation III product. The White LED has a special filter that looks greenish, and combined with this White LED Makes this ML-22 NVIS White. The ML-22 has a Push ON - Push OFF switch that can be actuated by the lip or tongue. A slight push on the switch causes momentary light, while a further push keeps the light on until another push turns the light off. The toggle switch on the battery snap is for alternating between the NVIS Green A LEDs and the filtered White LED. Uses 2 ea. AA batteries (not included).

NOTE: The color of the filter for the White LED in the picture is blue. The actual filter color is tinted green. Since we have a multitude of Green LEDs this filter is shown as blue to differentiate it from Green LEDs. The actual light emmitted by the lite is White. It will show all the colors in the color spectrum.


Includes: 1ea. ML-23, 1ea. header card with mounting instructions, 1ea. 1"x1.75" adhesive backed loop velcro, 1ea. BGAA/1 Battery Holder Bag , 1ea. ML-2-7 (2ea AA battery holder, Plastic), 2ea. wire ties,  1ea. 5/8"x1/8" adhesive backed hook & loop velcro, 1ea. thumb screw, 2ea. insulating shields.

NOTE: We recommend using the ML-Dim with this Mike Lite. The ML-Dim provides a way to adjust the brightness as necessary.