The Student Pilots Simplified Weather Briefing Guide

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Learn How to Retrieve Your Preflight Weather!




Written in plain, everyday language.



  • No hard to understand meteorological jargon.
  • No obscure, difficult to comprehend weather theory.
  • Leave your highlighting pen in your desk drawer!
  • Every word in this detailed manual leads you step-by-step through the weather analysis process.
  • You will easily develop a comprehensive weather picture you can readily understand.
  • You will use good decision making skills in choosing the best time, route, and altitude leading to a safe and enjoyable flight.




  • An in-depth discussion of Doppler weather radar to help you correctly interpret radar imagery.
  • Detailed explanations of critical aviation weather hazard advisories, reports, and forecasts.
  • Aviation weather web site addresses you can explore to discover what works best for you!
  • This book will be your constant reference guide for every preflight weather analysis you make.
  • You will use this manual again and again for gaining that all-important insight into the most critical and complex variable which affects every one of your flights - the weather.