The Helicopter Pilots Companion

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The Helicopter Pilot's Companion: A Manual for Helicopter Enthusiasts.

The Helicopter Pilots Companion is essential reading for those who are considering training to be a helicopter pilot, those currently undertaking training and those who have recently gained their Private Pilots License for helicopters.

Written in a clear, no nonsense style, it covers a whole range of subjects concerning rotary aviation including common myths about flying helicopters, choosing a flying school and an instructor, the basics of rotary aerodynamics, and all practical aspects of learning to fly helicopters.

Issues are examined that are important when the new helicopter pilot has gained his, or her, license and is able to fly along, including flying with passengers, coping with challenging weather and dealing with emergencies. In addition, the author provides useful advice to those readers who are considering becoming professional helicopter pilots.


Soft Cover, 160 Pages.