Preflight Weather Analysis Made Easy

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This highly detailed, easy to follow guide carefully leads you through the preflight weather analysis process in plain everyday language. 





No critical weather hazard will be overlooked when following this manuals very systematic examination of weather and its potential hazards. Includes detailed reference materials and
decoders to provide a complete preflight weather picture.

Leave your highlighting pen in your desk drawer!

Every word in this detailed manual leads you step-by-step through the weather analysis process. You will easily develop a comprehensive weather picture you can readily understand.

You will use good decision making skills in choosing the best time, route, and altitude leading to a safe and enjoyable flight.

  • Over 250 decoded METAR and TAF contractions to expand your weather vocabulary.
  • Over 400 NOTAM contractions 140 more than the official FAA NOTAMs manual.
  • An indepth discussion of Doppler weather radar to help you correctly interpret radar imagery.
  • Simple explanations of the weather charts plus weather chart symbol interpreters.
  • Detailed explanations of critical aviation weather hazard advisories, reports, and forecasts.
  • Maps and decoders to help you determine the ''where'' of hazardous weather advisories.
  • Aviation weather web site addresses you can explore to discover what works best for you


Soft Cover 90 Pages.