Pro Flight Puma X2 Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls

The Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X2 Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls features a Twin Throttle Collective and offers everything you need to start flying ultra realistically on your home simulator, flight school trainer, or company procedural trainer.

5th Generation PUMA X helicopter flight simulation controls.

The Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X is a single pilot, 8 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device that provide advanced immersion in a realistic helicopter cockpit and reproduce very realistic controls inputs compared to real operations.
Its size, design and precision perfectly meet requirements for any pilot wanting to expend their skills using flight simulator software.

The HID Plug&Play USB connection is designed for easy setup, and compatibility to all established flight simulation software; the high resolution on each axes permits very sensitive control inputs, as in real aircraft.

The Aluminum and steel frame provides high stability and low weight, easy to transport and store. All controls are wheel-bearing based, and have adjustable friction, relieving pressure and stress from the pilot to ensure maximum controllability, and positive stability for training requiring simulated trim functionality.

After flying the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X for a few minutes, along with a well configured flight simulator, you’ll almost forget you’re not in a real helicopter.

Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X2 Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls

The Pro Flight Trainer Puma X2 Offering Twin Engine Dual Throttle Twist Grip for Helicopter Flight Simulation.