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Flight Training

 Helicopter flight training books and manuals from Helicopters Only pilot shop. We offer large selection of helicopter training books written by Rotorcraft industry experts.

Helicopter Flying Handbook FAA

Helicopter Flight Training Manual

Norman Baileys Helicopter Pilots Manual Vol 2 Powerplants, Instruments and Hydraulics

Helicopter Pilots Manual Volume 3 Mountain Flying and Advanced Techniques


Flying the Mountains

Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook

Aviation Safety Programs - A Management Handbook

Cockpit Automation

Cockpit Procedures

Flight Discipline

Aviation Instructors Handbook

Flight Instructor Guide Helicopter


Helicopter Instructors Guide


Float & Ski Equipped Helicopter Operations Handbook

Fundamentals of Flight

The Private Pilots Little Book of Helicopter Safety

Greg Whyte Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter Maneuvers Manual

Learning to Fly Helicopters Second Edition

Loss of Main Rotor Control Helicopter Accidents

Managing Risk: Best Practices for Pilots

Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Principles of Helicopter Flight

Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms

Risk Management Handbook

Robinson Helicopter Flight Training Information Manual

Flying Helicopters: A Companion to the PPL(H)

Rotary Wing Flight

Schweizer Presolo Written Exam

Single Pilot CRM

The Aviators Guide to Navigation

Advanced Avionics Handbook

Lesson Plans

Checklist for Success

The Savvy Flight Instructor

Say Again, Please

Train Like You Fly: Guide to Scenario-Based Training

Mental Math for Pilots

Second Edition

Global Navigation for Pilots

Job Hunting for Pilots

The Helicopter Pilots Quick Reference Manual