Icom Hand Held Radios for Pilots



Whether you're in the air or on the ground, trust Icom Radios and Transceivers to keep you in touch before, during and after your flight. Icom radios are great for listening to ATIS  as you preflight your aircraft, and will come in very handy as a backup radio, or use as an Aircraft Scanner to monitor the airways.





Icom IC-A14 Pilots VHF Airband Transceiver

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Tough, compact, and easy to use, Icom's IC-A14 VHF airband transceiver makes quick communication easy with a streamlined design, easy to operate controls, and the ability to name and organize up to 200 channels.

The full keypad design allows users to enter channel or frequency directly with an exclusive button for the 121.5 MHz emergency channel. Sound comes through crisp and clear with the BTL amplifier and auto noise limiter while the large capacity Lithium-ion battery pack keeps it up and running.

Ships FedEx Ground within the USA

  • Sound stays crisp, clear, and loud with the BTL amplifier that doubles the audio output while an auto noise limiter (ANL) keeps excess noise to a minimum
  • Directly input channel or frequency information with the full keypad that has an exclusive button for the 121.5 MHz emergency channel; receives NAV and WX channels
  • Durably constructed with a light, compact, and water resistant design (equivalent to IPX4)
  • Provides reliable power output for up to 18 hours with the 2000 mAh large capacity Lithium-ion battery pack; for battery backup, use the battery case which takes 6 AA alkaline cells
  • Low batteries are indicated by the low battery indicator light and beep alert
  • Users can easily name up to 200 channels with an 8-character name for easy recognition; all channels can then be grouped into ten-memory banks
  • Charge up the radio with the BC-179 battery charger that securely holds the radio, even in bumpy conditions
  • See the screen in low-light conditions with the LCD backlight


12.3 oz

53 mm W x 120 mm H x 36.9 mm D

Frequency range:
Tx (COM) 118.000–136.975MHz
Rx (COM, NAV) 108.000–136.975MHz
(Weather) 161.650–163.275MHz

weather FM (16K0G3E); AM (6K00A3E)

Channel spacing:
25 kHz

Number of memory channels:
200 channels with 10 banks

Antenna impedance:
50Ω (BNC type)

Power supply requirement:
7.4 VDC (Icom battery pack)

Current drain (at 7.2 VDC):
Tx 1.5A
Rx Max. audio 500mA
Stand-by 50mA typical

Operating temperature range:
–10°C to +60°C ; +14°F to +140°F

Icom IC-A24 VHF NAV/COM Pilots Hand Held Radio with Navigation

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Icom IC-A24 VHF NAV/COM Pilots Hand Held Radio with Navigation.

The IC-A24 is an easy-to-use handheld with a user-friendly, backlit keypad and a large, backlit display that shows both letters and numbers making for easy frequency recognition.

The display and keypad's backlighting remain lit until manually turned off. The "flip-flop" channel recall function stores the last 10 channels used; these can be recalled using the "flip-flop" recall buttons on the front panel for faster switching between multiple channels.

An external DC power jack allows for battery charging when using the BC-167 wall charger or the CP-20 cigarette lighter cable. When a battery pack is installed, simultaneous charging during operation is possible.

Ships FedEx Ground within the USA

  • Flip-flop channel recall stores the last 10 channels used to make it easier to switch between the most commonly used channels
  • Backlit display and keypad
  • 200 memory channels (20 Ch × 10 banks) with 6-character names
  • Dedicated 121.5MHz emergency key
  • Side tone function allows you to hear your own voice via an external aviation headset
  • Optional Ni-Cd and Li-Ion battery packs
  • NOAA marine weather channels
  • Tag scanning and memory bank scanning
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Low battery alert
Supplied Accessories: Battery pack, BP-210N or battery case BP-208N; belt clip, MB-103; carrying case, LC-159; Wall charger, BC-110AR/DR; Headset adapter, OPC-499; Antenna, FA-B02AR; Handstrap.
15.2 oz (with antenna and BP-210N)

2 1/8 x 5 3/32 x 1 13/32 in 

Frequency Coverage:
Tx: 118.000 - 136.975 MHz
Rx: 108.000 - 136.975 MHz
Weather: 161.650 - 163.275 MHz

WX: AM (6K00A3E); FM (16K0G3E)

Channel Spacing:
25 kHz

Number of memory channels:
200 (20 channels x 10 banks)

Power supply requirements:
7.4/7.2 V DC (battery pack)
11.0 V DC (external DC jack)

Current drain (at 7.2 VDC):
Tx: 1.5 A typical
Rx Max. audio: 300 mA typical
Rx Stand-by: 70 mA typical

Frequency stability:
±5 ppm

Operating temperature range:
-10°C - 60°C (-14°F - 140°F)

Antenna connector:
50 Ω BNC type

Transmitter Specifications:

Output power (at 7.2 V DC):
5.0 Watts typical (PEP)
1.5 Watts typical (CW)

Modulation system:
Low level modulation

Modulation limiting:
70% - 100%

AF Harmonic distortion:
< 10% (at 60% mod)

Hum and noise ratio:
> 35 dB

Spurious emissions:
> 46 dB (except operating freq. ±62.5 kHz point)

Microphone impedance:
3 conductor 2.5 mm; >100 kΩ

Receiver specifications:

Intermediate frequency:
1st: 30.05 MHz
2nd: 450 kHz

Sensitivity (typical):
VOR (AM 6 dB S/N): < 7.1 µV
COM (AM 6 dB S/N): < 0.5 µV
WX (FM 12 dB SINAD): < 0.22 µV

> 7.5 kHz/-6 dB
< 25 kHz/-60 dB

Hum and noise ratio:
> 40 dB

Spurious response:
AM: > 60 dB
FM: > 30 dB

Audio output power:
> 500 mW typical with 8Ω load, 30% modulation

Ext. speaker connector:
3 conector 3.5 mm; 8Ω

Cigarette Power Cable For Icom IC-A6, IC-A24 Pilot Radio Transceivers

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For operation and charging with a 12V/24V cigarette lighter socket.
For use with Icom IC-A6,Icom IC-A24 and Icom IC-A25 radios.