Helicopters Only is an Authorized David Clark Headset Dealer

David Clark Headsets


In 1975, David Clark Company introduced the first noise-attenuating headset designed to provide hearing protection for pilots, while also providing clear reception and crisp transmission at normal voice levels in a noisy aircraft. Since then, the 'green domes' have consistently set the standards of comfort, quality and performance in aviation headset design and manufacture.

Today, the broad line of David Clark Passive Noise Attenuating and Electronic Noise Canceling (ENC) aviation headsets for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft is the top choice for general aviation and commercial pilots.

Since 1997, Helicopters Only has been a Authorized David Clark Dealer.



David Clark DC ONE-XH Helicopter Pilot ENC Headset

David Clark H10-36 Helicopter Headset


David Clark H10-26 Helicopter Headset


David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset


David Clark H10-56 Helicopter Headset