Pilot and Flight Crew Survival Products and Accessories.


General Purpose First Aid Kit

Zipper Pull Flashlight & Bottle Opener

Dog Tag Multi-Tool

Carabiner Compass/Thermometer

No Ball Safety Rescue Whistle

Paracord Bracelet With Fire Starter

Air Force Survival Manual

Survival Manual FM 21-76

Flight Crew 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool with Case

Aviation Survival Fire Starter

Pilots and Flight Crew Survival Knife

Pilots Survival Paracord Knife With Fire Starter

Aviation Survival Solar Charger

Pilots MOLLE Folding Solar Recharging Panel

Flight Crew Polarshield Survival Blanket

5-in-1 Survivor Tool

Emergency Signal Mirror

Flight Crew Survival Knife Kit

Flight Crew Emergency Strobe Light