Pro Flight Trainer Flight Simulator Controls

Pro Flight Trainer Black Fox Flight Simulator Controls

The Pro Flight Trainer Evolution BL is a single pilot, 5 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device that provides advanced immersion in a realistic helicopter cockpit and reproduce very realistic controls inputs compared to real operations.

Since 2011 We are the Official Factory Licensed Distributor for Pro Flight Simulator Controls 


Its price, size, design and precision perfectly meet requirements for any helicopter pilot wanting to extend their skills using flight simulator software.

  • Designed and tested for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and X-Plane Software.
  • Single USB Connection to your PC or MAC Computer.
  • Calibrate your Flight Controls with your Computer, and you are ready to fly.

    What you will need:

  • A Flight Simulator Software Program installed on your Computer, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane. For System Requirements, refer to the Flight Simulator Software Program you intend to use.

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    Pro Flight Trainer Black Fox Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls

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