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ASA's Pilot Test Prep's Feature ...

  • Questions supported with explanations for correct and incorrect answers, FAA references for further study, and airman test report codes for remedial study
  • Organized by subject for efficient and logical study
  • Introductory text for each subject
  • Certificate requirements
  • 5 Free practice tests and test authorization with ASA's online simulated testing program at no additional cost!
  • Quick cross-references for easy question-finding
  • Free online updates and free subscription service to keep you informed of test changes
  • Tips and instructions for taking your official FAA Knowledge Exam
  • Includes the official FAA Computer Testing Supplement (FAA test figures)


Pass your test and know what is essential to become a safe, competent pilot
from the most Trusted Source in Aviation Training.


Be Prepared and be Ready for your next Pilot Rating!


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