Pilots and Flight Crew Lighting

Pilots and Flight Crew Lighting

Helicopter Night Flight.

Before beginning a night flight, carefully consider personal equipment that should be readily available
during the flight. At least one reliable flashlight is recommended as standard equipment on all night
flights. Remember to place a spare set of batteries in the flight kit.

The white light is used while performing the preflight visual inspection of your helicopter, and the red light is used when performing cockpit operations. Since the red light is non glaring, it will not impair night vision.



ASA's Flightlight for Pilots

AA Mini Maglite Holster Combo Pack


Maglite Mini with Filters

D Cell Pilots Preflight Flashlight


Coast Red / White Flashlight

8 In One Pilots Multifunction Survival Flashlight

LED Angle Head 4 Color Pilots Mini Flash Light

Mini Camouflage Army Aviation Style Flashlight

US. Army Pilots Flashlight Green

Genuine USA Armed Services Pilot Flash Lights

Flight Line Signal Flashlight

US. Army Pilots Flashlight Black

Pilots Aircrew D Cell Rescue Orange Flashlight

D Cell Pilots Flight Light Camo

Pilots Cap Light