Seitz Lip Mike Lights

Seitz Lip Mike Lights

Seitz Scientific Industries Inc. is the original manufacturer of the Mike Lite (''Lip Light''). 

Seitz ''Lite'' is authorized by the U.S. Army for use in Army aircraft because they meet all 20 specifications outlined in the original R&D contract (Contract No. DAAK60-90-C-0041)

The lip lite is known the world over as the ''Mike Lite''

Each Lip Light Includes: 1ea. 1"x1.75'' adhesive backed loop velcro, 1ea. BGAA, 1ea. header card with mounting instructions, 2ea. wire ties, 1ea. ML-2-7, 1ea. 5/8'' x 1/8'' adhesive backed hook & loop velcro, 1ea. thumb screw, 2ea. insulating shield.



Seitz ML8 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML10 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML11 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML14 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML15 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML18 Lip Mike Lite NVIS LED

Seitz ML20 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML21 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML22 Lip Mike Light NVIS Filtered

Seitz ML23 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz ML24 Lip Mike Lite MAXILLO Face Shield

Seitz ML25 Lip Mike Light MAXILLO Face Shield

Seitz ML30 Lip Mike Lite Unfiltered White Lights

Seitz ML32 Lip Mike Light

Seitz ML33 Lip Mike Lite

Seitz TS2 Night Vision Test Set

Seitz Lip Light Replacement Battery Holder

Seitz Lip Light Mount Kit

Seitz Mike Lite Dimmer