MyGoFlight Helicopter iPad and Camera Cockpit Mounts

iPad Mounts



The MyGoFlight series of iPad Pilot Cockpit Mounts offer the ideal solution to mounting your iPad in the Cockpit.

Available for the following Helicopter Cockpits

  • Airbus/Eurocopter - All Models
  • Robinson Helicopters - All Models




The MyGoFlight Mounts offer the following features


  • Can be installed by any pilot
  • No STC required
  • Tested to withstand a 20 g impact
  • Vibration minimized, all parts made of metal making it solid and durable
  • Ball and socket ends and a ratcheting center provide infinite adjustment to height and position
  • Rotate device between landscape and portrait positions in-flight when mounted
  • Features the Gen 3 Sport Adapter which quickly connects to any MYGOFLIGHT device holder
  • Simply press both green buttons to remove
  • Securely hold any device including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Microsoft Surface, GoPro, Garmin GPS, and even more




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