Rays Helicopter Rotor Blade Building DVD

Ray's Helicopter Rotor Blade Building DVD

You've never balanced your main rotor head or tail rotor? Ahhh!!!

Volume 6 explains how to build rotor blades, then balance any type of rotor head and tail rotor, including small electrics.

One disk with a runtime of 1hr. 45 mins.


This is the most influential helicopter DVD series you'll ever see! We've made building rotor blades and balancing rotor systems a simple, straightforward process. A properly balanced rotor system is the frosting on the cake in terms of model helicopter setup. Learn how to effortlessly apply the frosting to the cake! Do you think your rotor head and blades are perfect out-of-the-box? Or that small electric helicopters don't need rotor head balance? You might think differently after viewing this DVD.

Don't believe the line It's balanced at the factory. Yes, it may be close (and then again, maybe not...), but it's certainly not perfect! Learn how to make it perfect! When you truly understand what to look for as you balance a rotor head, you can balance ANY rotor system with absolute precision!