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The Primary Visual Tools is a growing software set that enables live training and student practice. Each one of the tools has a specific purpose, and when used together help to focus training, reducing the time that it takes to understand key topics.

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These tools take Flight Instructor led training to the next level.

All of the software can operate as a stand alone program, or integrate into a PowerPoint presentation.

Key Features Include

  • Navigation Tool - A top down view of an aircraft, VOR, & NDB. The side panel includes an ADF/RMI, HSI, and CDI
  • Holding Tool - An upgrade to the Navigation Tool that shows pilots how to determine a holding entry
  • VFR Plotter - A movable VFR plotter with computer ''pencil'' for drawing a course
  • Circular Flight Computer
  • Lighting and Glideslope Trainer - This trainer shows VASI, PAPI, TRI-COLOR, PULSATING, and ILS indications