The Robinson R22 Helicopter Deer DVD

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Designed as a commuter helicopter by Frank Robinson, the R22 has been in roles far beyond this idea.
This pocket rocket punches well above its weight!

Buckle your seatbelts and experience the magic of the R22 from the
Southern Alps of New Zealand to the Outback of Australia.

You will NOT believe what they can do with the R22.

Running Time: 70 Min.


The Robinson R22 is better known to outdoors people as ''the Robbie.'' Many hunters first encountered it in when times were tough for the turbine driven helicopters involved in venison recovery. When the deer price dropped operators looked around for amore economical alternative. For many it was the Robbie.

This machine was designed to carry two occupants and was primarily a commuter aircraft to the American market. The designer, Frank Robinson never reckoned on Kiwi ingenuity and R22 helicopter was soon put to work undertaking duties never intended by Robinson. There were a number of crashes, many of them fatal until pilots came to terms with this machine which was lacking in horsepower for the tasks pilots asked of it.

This DVD explores many of the wide range of uses this machine has been put to in New Zealand and Australia. Early pioneers in R22 deer recovery such as Bruce Harvey and Doug Maxwell were using these machines over 20 years ago. Interestingly enough after Harvey fitted a cargo hook he tested the lifting capability with coils of good old #8 wire. The Kiwis quickly adapted the machines to fire net guns.

Not only have the producers captured this unique little workhorse but they have also captured a permanent record of a number backcounry activities rarely seen by most people. From using a helicopter to muster both deer and cattle, Weed spraying, gathering sphagnum moss, lifting posts to lifting out Pink pine stumps from remote areas on the West Coast. There is huge amount information contained on this DVD.

You will need to watch it several times to take it all in!