Jeppesen Garmin GNS 530 and 430 WAAS Computer Training

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The Jeppesen WAAS Procedures training will train you on how to leverage all the new functions, and confidently fly the new approaches, that the WAAS enabled GNS 500W/400W series offers


The Jeppesen scenario-based, guided simulation training system lets you become proficient with WAAS operations, at the comfort and safety of your computer's desktop.

You'll learn about fundamental WAAS concepts and get trained on how to use the upgraded features and functions of your GNS 500W/400W series navigator, such as:

  • WAAS Overview
  • WAAS Approaches
  • Enhanced GNS 530W/430W operational functions, modes and behaviors
  • New approach annunciations
  • Updated holding pattern operation
  • New/different OBS Mode behaviors
  • Parallel Track & Dead Reckoning functions
  • Revised Terrain Database capability
  • Operational differences between the classic GNS 500/400 and GNS 500W/400W series products

Use this new Jeppesen program to get up to speed and stay current while flying all the new WAAS approaches:

  • LPV
  • L/VNAV
  • LNAV + V
  • LNAV