Helicopter Helmet NVG Filter Case

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Our NVG Filter Case is a great product which will protect these expensive and very scratch prone filters from damage.

Simple construction means long life. This book format, zippered carrying case will handle serious punishment and have a long life!

The padded exterior covers are flexible and will bend with the lenses while protecting from impact forces.
Also, they're the shell holding extra soft interior mesh covered pages.
Together they make a compact and effective carrying case.

The interior pages are what make this product the most amazing.
Heavy plastic pieces have been form fitted with an extrememly soft nylon mesh.
This mesh wo''t scratch your lenses and will accept the Velcro tabs on the corners of the lenses to hold them into place.

Put it right in your Helmet Bag and know you'll have the right filter for the lighting you find during the mission.

Originally designed with direct input and technical assistance from Instructor Pilots of the F15E Division at the USAF Fighter Weapons School, Nellis AFB, NV.

Dimensions: Exterior measurements 8.5'' wide X 10.0'' tall.
Interior pages capable of handling filters up to 8'' X 9''.

Total number of filters capable of being housed is 4.