Cyclic & Collective Shawn Coyle

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This unique book, written from the prospective of the pilot provides a detailed, yet easy to understand overview of the theory and practice of helicopters. It covers nearly all aspects of learning to fly a helicopter, from basic theory through to Autopilots.





This book has two sections:

  • The beginner section has the fundamentals of helicopter theory of aerodynamics, performance and flying are covered in sufficient detail for the beginning helicopter pilot.
    Examples are based around a piston engine helicopter and a given from a cockpit perspective.

    The advanced section is for professional pilots, as well as those who want to know more about helicopters and how they work.
    It covers turbine engine helicopters with more advanced systems.

    Everything you could ever want to know about helicopters but didn't know where to look.


  • This book satisfies in one volume the needs of all helicopter pilots, from beginner through instructor to advanced pilots.
    It nicely bridges the gap between engineering textbooks and what pilots and engineers need to know.



Soft Cover 458 Pages.