Jeppesen Chart Training DVD

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Supplement your aviation knowledge with Jeppesen's FlighTime Videos and DVDs training topics.
Each subject gives you a more detailed look at important aviation topics.

This exciting training tool will enhance your knowledge of Approach Charts, Enroute Charts and Arrival/Departure Charts. All are included on one convenient DVD! Interactive quizzes are also included to reinforce important concepts.

The Approach / Airport Chart section includes:

  • Introduction
  • Heading
  • Plan View
  • Profile View
  • Landing Minimums
  • RNAV
  • Jeppesen' s Briefing Strip

The Enroute Chart section includes:

  • Introduction
  • Chart Symbology
  • Reporting Points
  • Defining Airways and Intersections
  • Enroute Altitudes
  • High Altitude Charts
  • Jet Routes
  • Minimum Off-Route Altitudes

The Departure and Arrival section includes:

  • Introduction
  • Clearances
  • Pilot Navigation Departure Procedures
  • Vector Departure Procedures
  • Textural vs. Graphic Departure
  • Takeoff Minimums
  • Flying the Transition
  • Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
  • Flying the STAR
  • Planning the Approach
  • Descent Planning