Learning to Fly Helicopters

Learning to Fly Helicopters

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Learning to Fly Helicopters is an introduction to helicopter flying techniques, many of which are difficult to master, as well as a discussion of emergency procedure, human factors, advanced operations and even a section on careers.


Paperback 368 pages.


Table of contents:

    Chapter 1. Helicopter Myths
    Chapter 2. Basic Aerodynamics
    Chapter 3. Flight Controls
    Chapter 4. Your First Flight
    Chapter 5. Basic Flight Maneuvers
    Chapter 6. Learning to Hover
    Chapter 7. More Basic Maneuvers
    Chapter 8. Autorotation
    Chapter 9. Advanced Maeuvers
    Chapter 10. Emergencies
    Chapter 11. Aircraft Systems
    Chapter 12. Human Factors and Safety
    Chapter 13. Born-again Copilots
    Chapter 14. Ten Commandments
    Appendix A. Common Civilian Helicopters Flying Today
    Appendix B. Helicopter Flight Test Standards
    Appendix C. Torque Experiment
    Appendix D. Watch Out for Power Lines
    Appendix E. Commonly Used Hand Signals