The Little Book of Autorotations Shawn Coyle

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The Little Book of Autorotations by Shawn Coyle.

Written by test pilot Shawn Coyle, The Little Book of Autorotations covers the practical aspects of autorotation. No theory, and no vector diagrams, but what you’ll see in the cockpit.





Geared toward Helicopter students and flight instructors, with lots of hints for instructors, the book builds from preflight briefings to specific flight exercises that ensure students understand each element before proceeding to the next stage. It emphasizes looking out the window and learning to judge variables, as opposed to making the ''right'' numbers happen.

The Little Book of Autorotations also has a unique chapter on descending from greater than normal heights in order to show the effects of changing airspeed and turning effectively tripling the amount of time students would get in autorotations during normal practice.

The book also covers the variations in technique possible in order to arrive at a specific spot, and how to use a low cost simulator in order to learn the fundamentals. Additionally, the book covers the height velocity curve in great detail both what it means and what it doesn’t mean.