Dodosim Bell 206 Jetranger Helicopter Flight Simulator Software

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The first TRUE helicopter simulation for Flight Simulator X of the world's most recognizable helicopter, the Bell 206 Jetranger.

Custom flight dynamics, fuel, engine and systems management plus accumulative wear with damage and failure modeling make this the definitive helicopter simulation add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Real helicopter pilots have long been disappointed that they could not buy a truly realistic helicopter simulation.

Many add-ons claim ''realistic flight dynamics and systems'' yet they don't deal with inflow roll, vortex ring state or engine hot-starts that are present in the real thing. You only get this kind of feature list with Dodosim helicopter add on software from Helicopters Only.


Dodosim 206 - Advance Your Helicopter Rating

While the casual player may assume that Flight Simulator X helicopter simulation appears realistic, the truth is, it is far too stable and easy to fly. Anyone with a joystick can fly it comfortably within minutes. In a real helicopter, any input the pilot makes on one control impacts the adjustments that have to be made simultaneously on all the others in order to remain in complete control.

With the Dodosim 206, flying a helicopter reaches a new level of realism. Whether new to helicopter flying or a seasoned pro, this simulation has five selectable difficulty levels to suit. Use engine auto-start and simplified flight dynamics in assisted training modes or opt for full manual control.

Dodosim's unique physics and systems technology have replaced the default FSX hover, flight dynamics, engines and systems management. Advanced modes feature torque induced yaw, transverse flow effect, dissymetry of lift, rotor droop, vortex ring state, retreating blade stall, loss of tail rotor efficiency and more. Blade slap, transmission whine and other custom sound effects add to the immersion, while hot-start and failures keep your adrenalin level sky high!


Just a few of the many incredible features

  • Multiple models include floats, low and high skid, utility with cargo hook and door-less versions, each with unique and accurate handling and performance.
  • Custom configuration settings allow text hints when your handling or operation will cause engine wear, damage, or affect flight dynamics.
  • The cued start-up and shut-down training mode highlights each operation to help you follow the correct procedure for the 206's turbine engine.
  • Progressive wear and failure persists between flights affecting running costs. A ''Service Workshop'' allows repairs, rebuilds and cost analysis. Get your flying wrong and be prepared for expensive repairs!


The Dodosim 206 has five levels of difficulty and its possible to change difficulty setting at almost any time in flight making this an ideal platform to experience helicopter flying at its best whether your an expert or beginner.




System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X with SP2, Acceleration or Gold
Windows: Windows 7, Vista or XP
Processor: 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 Gb RAM
Hard Drive: 100 Mb
Video Card: 512 Mb