Pilot USA Headsets and Accessories for Helicopter Pilots

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With over 30 years of experience in aviation and communications, Pilot Communications USA's commitment has always been to the customer. The goal is to exceed your expectations in the way their products are designed, perform, and are serviced. From the Top Of The Line ANR Headsets which are certified by NASA and the Department of Defense for use on the International Space Station, to their basic Helicopter Pilots Headset, Pilot Communications USA is a World Leader.



Pilot USA PA-1166M Passive Military/Civilian Dual Impedance Headset

Pilot USA PA-1761TH ANR Helicopter Headset

Pilot USA PA-2170BLU/H Passive Helicopter Headset with Bluetooth

Pilot USA PA-1771TH ANR Helicopter Headset

Pilot USA PA-1779TH ANR Helicopter Headset