Audio Books for Helicopter Pilots

Audio Books for Pilots



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Audios will work better for many people because you can study while your driving your car, mowing your lawn, exercising, etc. which makes better use of your time.

Audio reviews allow you to concentrate on the material so you can visualize the concepts, making them more meaningful.





Helicopter Flying Handbook Audio Book Download

FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook audio book.

This audio book is the helicopter portion of the FAA's text, chapters 1 through 14, read word for word, and provided to you as a series of Mp3 files. Designed as a companion to the text, you can listen to the handbook, referred to by many as ''The Bible' for helicopter flight training.

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Private Pilot Audio Checkride

Private Pilot Audio Checkride.

Audio CD-ROM Set allows aspiring pilots to listen to a typical exchange between a well prepared applicant and an FAA examiner for the Private Pilot Airplane Checkride.


Say Again Please Software

Communications Trainer
Master aviation communications from your desktop computer, and home, car, and computer stereo with this tutorial and audio review.