Radio Control Helicopter Books

Books to help you build and fly RC Helicopters.



Ray' Hostetlers Authoritative DVD Series Shop & Field Companion Book

Ray's book, originally entitled ''Ray's Complete Helicopter Manual,'' was initially released in 1986. He was writing the ''Hover'' column for R//C Modeler magazine, and took a compilation of articles he had written since 1981 and formed the book. RCM published it as part of their ''Anthology'' series.

Radio Control Helicopters by Nick Papillon

The Guide to Building and Flying R/C Helicopters.

The long awaited second edition of Nick Papillon’s Radio Controlled Helicopters.

Flying Model Helicopters by Dave Day

From Basics to Competition
Flying a model helicopter is a challenge and the wise modeller will seek the fullest advice on all the possible variations and handling techniques before embarking on the difficult but extremely popular branch of aeromodeling. Dave Day helps to minimize the problems.